Our Content Management System (CMS) Can be Overlayed Onto Any CSS Static Website Template

Pick one of the beautiful Cinch CMS website templates found HERE... or pick any of TemplateMonster's 1,100+ CSS static templates found HERE. Actually, you could pick a CSS static template from any of the hundreds of quality template websites available. We can even add our CMS solution on top of your existing CSS static website.

Unfortunately, we cannot add our content management tools on top of Flash based, WordPress, or Joomla website templates. Flash websites are, well... Flash websites (you can thank us later for steering you away from Flash).  It would simply be pointless to overlay our content management system on top of a WordPress or Joomla template.

Manage Your Website Without Leaving Your Website

The beauty of our content management system is that you work directly on the web pages themselves. 

  1. Click the edit icon beneath the content you want to change
  2. Make your adjustment
  3. Hit the save button and bam... instant results.

You pick one of the four packages that fits your website's needs.  We add our CMS tools to each page of your new site. 

Click the image below to watch a 90 second video demonstrating the absolute simplicity of our content management solution.